About Us

Jet Cricket is the vision of its owners to provide premier test quality cricket equipment at affordable prices to the public. By providing value for money cricket equipment, manufactured by professionals who have worked with major companies within the industry, Jet Cricket looks to make products used by professionals available to everyone.


Formed in 2010, Jet Cricket went through exhaustive design and sampling before it finally entered the market and being used at various levels of cricket within Victoria, Australia. Jet Cricket's aim is to slowly establish itself within the market, whilst maintaining emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, and then expand its available products and its position in the market place. By being passionate about providing the highest quality products at affordable prices, savings can be made and used in other areas to improve your game other than through equipment purchases.


Based in Victoria, Australia, Jet Cricket looks to ensure that the best products are available, and will continue to use customer feedback to further improve our already exceptional products